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Welcome! Introduction to Us and Window Treatments

Welcome everyone to the BC Window Coverings blog!

Quick introduction about us. We are a family run business that is based in Richmond, British Columbia. Our team has over 20 years of experience with blinds and shades, so you don’t have to worry a thing when it comes to window treatments. As for the writer (Hi, that’s me. Call me Summer), I’m currently a student studying to become an interior designer.

I decided to write this blog because I was overwhelmed with information when I first stepped into this business. And I’m sure many of you are overwhelmed too. So, I will be posting blog posts about the various types of shades and blinds that are available to you. I will go over the pros, the cons, and the maintenance of each kind. We’ll start with the importance of window coverings.

Protection Against UV Rays

We put on sunscreen when we leave our house to protect ourselves from UV rays, but we don’t think about protecting ourselves or our possessions while we are at home. Dermatologists even recommend wearing sunscreen indoors to protect your skin from UVA rays which penetrate the deeper layer of your skin. And they recommend applying sunscreen all year round.

Furniture, flooring, paint and artwork fade overtime, but UV rays can speed up that process. Maybe you can relate, but I’ve had classmates who had their hair bleached from the sun by just playing sports over the summer. Same thing can happen with your furniture; they can have a bleach like appearance from the exposure to UV rays. As for artwork, it can cause the paper to become yellow, dull the colours, and especially if you have collectables, it can decrease its’ value.

Blinds, shades, or any kind of window treatments can lessen the impact of the rays. Depending what you choose for your home, binds can decrease the rays up to 99% when fully closed. I’ll be going over more details in future blogs for each type of blinds. On top of that, without the blinds, the sunlight can cause glare. It can be quite the annoyance when you are trying to enjoy watching TV, scrolling through social media, or replying to emails.

Energy Efficiency and Insulation

We just went through the biggest heat wave in Vancouver recently and I wished we had better energy efficient blinds. We did not have air conditioning at home so we made do with our fans. We only have aluminum strip blinds at home and they did an okay job at keeping the heat out. However, others shades, like the honeycomb shades are great at insulation which also means they are great at saving you money. They keep outside heat or cold out while circulating the indoor heat/cold in.


In my books, this is the most important aspect of why you should have some kind of window coverings. Your home is your own sanctuary, and without the option of keeping your home private, it may feel like you are constantly exposed to the elements. For me at least. I love options, and shades can give me those options. Got that million-dollar view in your bathroom? Add a roller shade in there so you can enjoy the view and when you need to do your business, pull it down and have that privacy.


Lastly, your window treatment can really tie your interior concept together. Patterns, colours, and style can really enhance the message you are trying to get through to your guests. It adds comfort for you and for everyone who visits. And most importantly, it makes your home look complete.

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